Jesus Christ✨


Jesus Christ

Jesus walked the earth to bring great changes to history and humanity itself.

Whether your religious belief holds him to be God or a prophet or simply a master, he has limitless power to help and heal.

He is master of many things, including Divine Master of Love and Spiritual Wisdom;

Teacher of tolerance and compassion; World Consciousness shifter and miraculous Healer.

Jesus brings the Akashic energy and information of healing, deeper wisdom, compassion,understanding, and Divine Experience and Expression.

He is available to you at all times and for all reasons, but his focus is pure love.

His colors are yellow for healing, pink or green for love, white for Divinity and clarity.

Symbols that indicate the presence of Jesus are fish, a lamb, or a cross.

Jesus  Attunement;

When I send you the Jesus  Attunement. You do NOT need to be “present” (on-line), aware of the session or awake. This is simply a notification.And then, I will let you know when the attunement procedure is finished.
Simply email me at and request Faerie Reiki attunement.

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Animal Reiki💚

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Reiki is ideal for use with animals because it is gentle, noninvasive and doesn’t require physical contact. It doesn’t cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields powerful results. Animals respond intuitively to Reiki’s power to support the healing of emotional, behavioral, and physical illnesses and injuries.

For animals who are healthy, Reiki helps to maintain their health, enhances relaxation and provides an emotional sense of peace and contentment.

For animals who are ill, Reiki is a wonderful healing method as well as a safe complement to Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, flower essences, and all other forms of healing. For example, Reiki can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, support an acupuncture treatment, and complement the effects of flower essences.

For dying animals, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear, and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death. Reiki is also a wonderful way to support a dying animal’s family.

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